Welcome to Strength at Home

Welcome to Strength at Home

Welcome to the official website for the Strength at Home (SAH) programs, hosted by the primary program developer, Dr. Casey Taft.

About Strength at Home

Strength at Home consists of two separate cognitive-behavioral group intervention programs to improve relationships and prevent intimate partner violence (IPV):

  • Strength at Home: A program for those self- or court-identified as having difficulties with IPV, delivered to individuals within groups; and
  • Strength at Home Couples: A couples prevention program to enhance relationships and prevent problems from escalating to violence and abuse.

The Strength at Home program can be used for the civilian, military, or Veteran population, and often satisfies court requirements for IPV intervention. The Strength at Home Couples program is primarily for military/Veteran couples who report relationship conflict or distress without recent physical IPV.

The Strength at Home programs are trauma-informed and delivered through a motivational and therapeutic framework to promote accountability for abusive behavior while facilitating a better understanding of how these behaviors were learned. These are the only programs demonstrated to prevent and end IPV in military/Veteran populations through randomized controlled trials, with additional evidence for their effectiveness in civilians. The Strength at Home programs are the only such interventions endorsed by the US Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) as evidenced-based programs for IPV, and the programs are being implemented nationally through funding from VA and with past support from the Bob Woodruff Foundation and Blue Shield of California Foundation. Several military and civilian providers have also been trained in the Strength at Home programs through a series of nationally sponsored implementation projects and individual trainings. The Strength at Home programs have collectively been delivered in over 150 medical settings, military installations, and other clinical settings.  

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